MikroTik: Clear Terminal Screen

When you’re working in a command line interface you may sometimes have a desire to empty a terminal screen from messages and keyboard input. Depending on an operating system there should be a command that can erase the contents of your terminal and display a prompt only (for example a clear command in Linux or […]

[SOLVED] The Container Name Is Already In Use By Container

While starting a Docker container, you may sometimes receive “the container name is already in use by container” error. The complete error looks like as follows: ERROR: for <containerName> Cannot create container for service <serviceName>: Conflict. The container name “<containerName>” is already in use by container “<containerID>”. You have to remove (or rename) that container […]

Reset MikroTik Router

A MikroTik router reset, hard reset, factory reset and configuration reset are all synonyms for resetting the device to its original defaults. If you reset your MikroTik router, you’ll clear its configuration and return it to the original state it was in when you purchased it. For example, if you forget a password to the […]

Kubectl: Get Pod Containers

According to best practices you should always try to have one container per Pod, and this is the most common Kubernetes use case. However, a Pod can contain multiple containers and the primary reason for this is to support helper applications that assist a primary application. Typical examples of helper applications are data pullers, data […]