Kubernetes: Get Node Events

Kubernetes events are automatically created when other resources have state changes, errors or other messages that should be broadcasted to the system. These events (logs) are very helpful for debugging issues in a Kubernetes cluster. In this note i will show how to get events from a specific Node in the Kubernetes cluster using the […]

Umount: Force – Target | Device is Busy

An umount command is used to unmount a device/partition by specifying the path to the directory where it has been mounted. Sometimes, when you run the umount command you may receive the “target is busy” or “device is busy” errors indicating that there is some process that is using the mounted filesystem or the remote […]

Screen: Rename Session

A named screen session can be started by using the screen -S <sessionName> command. If you start a simple screen session, by default, it will be named as something like 55355.pts-0.hostname. No matter how the screen session has been started, it can be easily renamed at any time. This short note shows how to rename […]