Windows: Uninstalled Programs History

In Windows you can easily get a list of installed apps with the installation dates through a “Programs and Features” (press ⊞ Win + R to start the “Run” dialog and type in appwiz.cpl and click “OK”).

To get a history of uninstalled programs is a bit more challenging, but is still possible using an “Event Viewer”.

In the “Event Viewer” we can list the changes made by an MsiInstaller – the tool that Windows uses for any installations and uninstallations of applications.

Additionally, we can filter out that list by the event ID 1034, that exactly corresponds to the program uninstallation events.

Below you will find how to check the uninstalled programs history in Windows and how to find out who has uninstalled a program and when.

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Uninstalled Programs History in Windows

To open the “Event Viewer”, press ⊞ Win + R that will start the “Run” dialog, type in the eventvwr command and click “OK”:

Alternatively you can start the “Event Viewer” by pressing the ⊞ Win keybutton and searching for the eventvwr in the “Start” menu.

To check the uninstalled programs history in the “Event Viewer”, do the following:

  1. Expand the “Windows Logs” on the left panel and click on the “Application”
  2. Click on the “Filter Current Log…” (you can also select it from a context menu if you right-click on the “Application”)
  3. Select the MsiInstaller in the “Event sources” (don’t type in but select from a list of the all event sources by ticking the correspondent checkbox)
  4. Type in the ID 1034 in the <All Event IDs>
  5. Click “OK”

After filtering, you will see the logs about the software removals only.

From these logs you can find out which programs have been uninstalled from your computer, when and by whom.

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