Reset MikroTik Router

A MikroTik router reset, hard reset, factory reset and configuration reset are all synonyms for resetting the device to its original defaults.

If you reset your MikroTik router, you’ll clear its configuration and return it to the original state it was in when you purchased it.

For example, if you forget a password to the MikroTik router, you might reset it to the factory settings so it returns to the default password it originally came with.

Below you will find a short instructions of how to reset your MikroTik router.

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Reset MikroTik Router

Most of the MikroTik devices are fitted with a reset button, labeled with RES or RESET:

To reset the MikroTik router, do following:

  1. Unplug the device from its 🔌 power source
  2. Press and hold the RESET button right after applying the ⚡ power
  3. Keep holding the RESET button until 💡 LED starts flashing
  4. Release the RESET button before the LED stops flashing

Warning: You must release the RESET button before the LED stops flashing. Otherwise, instead of resetting the MikroTik router you will launch a Netinstall mode and its configuration won’t be cleared.

If you still have access to your MikroTik router and just want to reset it to the factory settings, then you can do this either through a command line interface or through a graphical user interface:

  • Run the following command from the command line interface:
    [admin@MikroTik] > /system reset-configuration
    - sample output -
    Dangerous! Reset anyway? [y/N]: 
    y ←
    system configuration will be reset
  • Do it from “System” → “Reset Configuration” menu in the graphical user interface

After resetting the router you can access it using the default IP, login & password.

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