Disable Startup Programs in Windows

It is quite annoying when some apps are not expected to, but they are automatically opening on startup in Windows.

And it raises a perfectly logical question, how to stop such apps from running at startup.

In this note i will show the easiest and the most efficient way of how to find ALL startup programs in Windows and how to change their startup settings to stop them from automatically running at Windows startup.

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Disable Startup Programs

The best way to change startup programs in Windows is by using an Autoruns – a freeware utility, that doesn’t require installation (portable) and can be launched without admin rights.

Once downloaded and launched, it will show you the currently configured startup programs and paths to the places through which the auto-start has been configured.

To disable startup programs simply uncheck the checkboxes in the correspondent entries.

That is it! Once the checkboxes are unchecked the apps will stop opening on startup.

You can also use the Autoruns to navigate to the registry or file system location or the configuration of an auto-start program by selecting the entry and using the “↗ Jump to Entry…” menu item:

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