Sublime Text: Git Integration

Out of the box, Sublime Text has a quite limited integration with Git.

You can work with Git repositories in Sublime Text but for advanced features you should install additional software.

Complete integration of Sublime Text with Git can be achieved by installing Sublime Merge – a full-featured Git client built upon the technologies from Sublime Text.

In this note i will show how to integrate Sublime Text with Git.

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Git in Sublime Text

Download and install Sublime Merge.

If it hasn’t been installed to a standard location (e.g. in case of portable installation), go to the Preferences -> Settings in Sublime Text and in the right panel define the path to the Sublime Merge executable, e.g.:

    "sublime_merge_path":"D:\\Tools\\Sublime Merge\\sublime_merge.exe"

Once Sublime Merge is installed, the advanced Git features can be accessed from Sublime Text by opening a context menu with the right-click, where you will see these new items:

  • Open Git Repository…
  • File History…
  • Line History…
  • Blame File…

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