Sublime: “Open Git Repository” Hotkey

To open a Sublime Merge from a Sublime Text it is required to open a context menu with the right-click and select the “Open Git Repository”.

By default, there is no a keyboard shortcut to open the Sublime Merge quickly, that is not very handy.

This short note shows how to create a key binding that permits to “Open Git Repository” in the Sublime Merge using a hotkey.

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“Open Git Repository” in Sublime Merge using Hotkey

In the Sublime Text, go to the PreferencesKey Bindings and in the right panel specify a keyboard shortcut for the sublime_merge_open_repo command, for example:

    // Open Git Repository in Sublime Merge
    { "keys": ["ctrl+alt+z"], "command": "sublime_merge_open_repo"}

Save with Ctrl + S and close the window with the key binding settings.

Now you can simply press the Ctrl + Alt + Z in the Sublime Text to open the current project in the Sublime Merge.

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