PowerShell: Set Variable to String, Null (Unset) & Print

In this short note i am showing how to define and print variables is Windows PowerShell.

Particularity i will show how to set a variable to a string value, how to define a variable directly in a string and how to unset variable by setting it to Null.

At the end of the each example the variable will be printed.

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Set (Unset) Variable in PowerShell

Set variable to string:

PS C:\> $sitename = "ShellHacks"
PS C:\> echo $sitename

Define variable in a string:

PS C:\> $sitename = "ShellHacks"
PS C:\> $message = "Hello, $name
PS C:\> echo $message
Hello, ShellHacks

Set variable to Null (unset variable)

PS C:\> $var  = $null
PS C:\> echo $sitename
PS C:\>

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