Windows: List Environment Variables – CMD & PowerShell

What is an environment variable in Windows? An environment variable is a dynamic “object” containing an editable value which may be used by one or more software programs in Windows.

In this note i am showing how to list environment variables and display their values from the Windows command-line prompt and from the PowerShell.

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List Windows Environment Variables

The environment variables in Windows can be printed using the Windows command-line prompt (CMD) or using the PowerShell.

Windows Command-Line Prompt (CMD)

List all Windows environment variables and their values:

C:\> set

“Echo” the contents of a particular environment variable:


Windows PowerShell

Print all Windows environment variables (names and values):

PS C:\> gci env:* | sort-object name

Show the contents of a particular environment variable:


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  1. says: Reply

    very helpful. helped me in debugging system environment variables

  2. For PowerShell, you can cut it down a fair amount to an easy to remember 7 character command:

    gci env:

  3. kurt krueckeberg says: Reply

    Very helpful! thanks.

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