Windows: Get a User’s SID – CMD & PowerShell

Any user, group or computer in Windows has a unique SID (security identifier) assigned.

The SIDs are used to control access to various Windows resources like files, registry keys, network shares, etc.

Below i will show you how to get the user’s SID and how to do the reverse SID lookup (get the user name by SID) using the Windows command prompt or PowerShell.

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Get a User’s SID using Windows CMD & PowerShell

Get the SIDs of the all local user accounts:

C:\> wmic useraccount get name,sid
- sample output -
Name                SID
admin               S-1-5-21-615456588-3658538152-758053764-1009
myUser              S-1-5-21-615456588-3658538152-758053764-1008

Get the SID of the current user:

C:\> whoami /user
- or -
C:\> wmic useraccount where name='%username%' get sid

Find the user’s SID by name:

C:\> wmic useraccount where name='<username>' get sid
- example -
C:\> wmic useraccount where name='myUser' get sid
- sample output -

Find the user by SID (reverse SID lookup):

C:\> wmic useraccount where sid='<sid>' get name
- example -
C:\> wmic useraccount where sid='S-1-5-21-615456588-3658538152-758053764-1008' get name
- sample output -
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