VLC: Change Preferred Audio Language Order

VLC Media Player can play video files with multiple audio tracks.

The audio track can be selected in “Audio” → “Audio Track” menu.

If you watch some series with a default language that doesn’t suit you, you would have to manually change the audio track for each episode, that may be a bit annoying.

Luckily, in VLC we can change the default audio language order to a preferred one and in this short note i will show how to do this.

Change Preferred Audio Language Order in VLC

In VLC Media Player app, go to “Tools” → “🔧 Preferences” (or press Ctrl + P).

Select “Simple settings” and go to “Audio” tab.

In “Preferred audio language” field set a comma-separated list of languages (2 or 3 letters ISO country codes) in preferred order, for example:

You may also use “none” to avoid fallback to another language, for example:

ua, en, none

Click on “Save” and be happy with the preferred audio language order in VLC.

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