Vi/Vim: Dark Background – Change Color Scheme

If you use vi/vim text editor in a terminal with a dark background it may be hard to read some text due to improperly configured color scheme.

For example, dark-blue comments on a black background in vi/vim make them almost unreadable.

By default, vi/vim is configured to work with a light background, i.e. has a set background=light setting.

If you use the dark background in your terminal, you need to change the background setting in vi/vim, that will lead to adjustment of a color scheme to the dark background and make the text readable.

This short note shows how to fix colors on the dark background in vi/vim.

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Fix Colors on Dark Background in Vi/Vim

To fix the colors on the dark background in vi/vim, execute:

:set background=dark

To set the dark background permanently, add the following line to your $HOME/.vimrc file:

set background=dark

Once the set background=dark is applied, vi/vim should adjust the color scheme accordingly, that will make the text on the dark background readable.

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