Git Bash: Change Home Directory

The Home (~) directory in Git Bash can be changed by setting the user-level %HOME% environment variable in Windows. This is quite safe as the %HOME% environment variable is not normally set for Windows applications, so creating it shouldn’t affect anything else. Moreover, setting the user-level environment variable in Windows doesn’t require admin rights.

Windows: `Touch` Command – Equivalent

The touch command in Linux is used to change a file’s “Access“, “Modify” and “Change” timestamps to the current time and date, but if the file doesn’t exist, the touch command creates it. If you simply want to create an empty file from the command-line prompt (CMD) or a Windows PowerShell – the type and […]

PowerShell: Multi-Line Command

For better readability it is convenient to split long commands over multiple lines. In Windows PowerShell a multi-line command can be created from a long command by splitting it using the backquote character. In this note i will show an example of how to split a long command over multiple lines in PowerShell.