Open Command Prompt in Folder – CMD & PowerShell

While browsing files and folders in a default Windows graphical file manager application called File Explorer, sometimes you may want to open a folder in a command prompt (CMD) or PowerShell to execute some commands within the current folder.

You can easily open the command prompt or PowerShell directly in the current folder without wasting time on opening them from some other place (e.g. from a “Start” menu) and navigating to the required folder manually.

This note shows very easy and efficient way of how to open the CMD or PowerShell withing the current folder.

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Open Command Prompt in a Folder

How to open CMD in a folder

To open the command prompt in a folder, simply type cmd into the search bar as shown on the image below and hit the Enter keybutton.

This will open the command prompt and in the current folder.

How to open PowerShell in a folder

To open the Windows PowerShell in a folder:

  • press the Shift + Right Click on an empty space in the folder
  • then in the context menu click on “Open PowerShell window here” to access the PowerShell interface

This will open the Windows PowerShell in the current folder.

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