Network Printer is Printing Gibberish – Ubuntu/Linux

If your network printer is printing gibberish and random characters that is a common driver-related issue.

I had this problem on Ubuntu and Linux Mint with my Samsung M2070 printer connected over Wi-Fi network.

When I tried to print some single-page document, the printer went crazy and printed out a series of strange random symbols on multiple sheets.

Network Printer Prints Gibberish

My issue with the network printer printing random characters like below has been fixed by manually re-adding it with the “LPD network printer via DNS-SD” protocol:

Start the “Printers” from an application menu or from the terminal:

$ system-config-printer

Click on “Add”, go to “Network Printer” -> “Find Network Printer”, wait for a couple seconds until your printer is found, click on it, select the “LPD network printer via DNS-SD” connection type and click on “Forward”.

On the next windows, select the printer’s vendor, model, give it a name and click on “Apply”.

Print a test page to see if it worked.

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