MySQL: Count Rows in Table – The Fastest Way

While working with MySQL databases, it is often required to find out the total number of rows in some table.

There are many different ways to count the table rows in MySQL, but as the performance always matters, the fastest way is the most preferable.

Below you will find the best and the fastest way to get the number of rows in a table using the simple SQL query.

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Count Table Rows In MySQL

Run the SELECT COUNT(*) command against a table to calculate the total number of rows:

mysql> SELECT COUNT(*) FROM `table_name`;

Sample output:

| COUNT(*) |
| 57441808 |
1 row in set (1 min 16.66 sec)
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  1. Helmut K. C. Tessarek says: Reply

    Please note that if there’s no index on that table, a table scan will be done by the engine which can actually take a very long time.

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