What is my Public IP address?

Use one of the following commands to check your public IP address from the Linux command line.

Get the Public IP address from the Linux Command Line

0. Easy to Remember Services

Get your external IP address using the curl command:

$ curl ifconfig.me
$ curl ip.appspot.com
$ curl icanhazip.com

Get your external IP address using the wget command:

$ wget -q -O - ifconfig.me
$ wget -q -O - ip.appspot.com
$ wget -q -O - icanhazip.com

Get the External IP address using DynDNS.org

1. Using the wget command:

$ wget -q -O - checkip.dyndns.org | sed -e 's/.*Current IP Address: //' -e 's/<.*$//'

2. Using the curl command:

$ curl -s checkip.dyndns.org | sed -e 's/.*Current IP Address: //' -e 's/<.*$//'

3. Using the lynx command:

$ lynx -dump checkip.dyndns.org | sed -e 's/.*Current IP Address: //' -e 's/<.*$//' | sed '/^$/d'

2 Replies to “What is my Public IP address?”

  1. curl ipinfo.io

  2. ip.appspot.com was in google cloud, and went away.
    Here are 11 confirming sites I’ve found:
    # ~/bin/.bash/.ifaces https://pastebin.com/DiPUdqPJ
    myip() {
    ( for site in ipaddr.pub/cli ipecho.net/plain icanhazip.com ifconfig.me \
    ipconfig.in/ip ident.me bot.whatismyipaddress.com diagnostic.opendns.com/myip \
    checkip.amazonaws.com whatismyip.akamai.com
    do echo “$site ”
    wget -qO- $site
    wget -qO- checkip.dyndns.org |\
    sed -n -E ‘/IP Address/s/^.*:[\t ]+([^<]+).*$/checkip.dyndns.org \n\1/p' ) |\
    sed -n -E '/^$/d;H;${g;s/^[\n]+//;s/( )\n/ /g;p;}'
    wget -qO- ipinfo.io | sed '1s/.*/ipinfo.io:/;$d;'

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