MikroTik: Clear Terminal Screen

When you’re working in a command line interface you may sometimes have a desire to empty a terminal screen from messages and keyboard input.

Depending on an operating system there should be a command that can erase the contents of your terminal and display a prompt only (for example a clear command in Linux or a cls command in Windows).

Although a MikroTik RouterOS is based on Linux, there is no a command to clear the screen.

Nevertheless the terminal screen in the MikroTik RouterOS can be cleared using a keyboard shortcut.

Clear Screen in MikroTik Terminal

Use the Ctrl + L keyboard shortcut to clear the screen in the MikroTik terminal.

The Ctrl + L keyboard shortcut will completely erase the contents of your MikroTik terminal screen.

As a result of clearing the MikroTik terminal’s screen you will see the prompt only.

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