Linux Mint: Lock Screen on Lid Close – Enable/Disable

When a laptop lid is getting closed, different scenarios are possible: do nothing, blank screen, suspend or shutdown.

In Linux Mint, the system behavior on closing the lid is controlled by the “Power Management” and “Screensaver” settings.

This note shows how to enable or disable screen locking when closing the lid in Linux Mint.

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Lock Screen on Lid Close in Linux Mint

Follow these steps to enable or disable screen locking on lid close in Linux Mint:

  1. Open the “Mint Menu” and search for the “Power Management”.
  2. In each of the “On AC Power” and “On Battery Power” tabs, in the “When laptop lid is closed” behavior, select the “Blank screen”:
  3. Open the “Mint Menu” again and search for the “Screensaver”.
  4. Depending on if you want to enable or disable the screen locking when the laptop lid is closed, check or uncheck the “Lock screen when screensaver is active” checkbox:
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  1. weird – this article does not seem to be too old. maybe it just does not apply to xfce edition, as there is no “power management” just “power manager” with different options.

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