Kubectl: Delete Pods – Wildcard

When you deploy an application in a Kubernetes cluster, you usually set some labels on the Pods e.g. app=my-app.

These labels can be used as a wildcard for selecting a group of Pods for deletion.

This short note shows how to perform a wildcard deletion of Pods in Kubernetes.

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Wildcard Pods Deletion using Kubectl

List all Pods in the current Namespace and show their labels:

$ kubectl get pods --show-labels

Get the Pods with a particular label, e.g. app=my-app:

$ kubectl get pods -l app=my-app

Delete all the Pods with the label app=my-app:

$ kubectl delete pods -l app=my-app

Alternatively the wildcard deletion of the Pods in the current namespace can be implemented as follows:

$ kubectl get pods --no-headers=true|awk '/app/{print $1}'|xargs kubectl delete pod

The command above deletes all the Pods that contain app in their names and gives a response as follows:

pod "my-app-prd-h33ee" deleted
pod "my-app-prd-jso93" deleted
pod "my-app-prd-bdm3s" deleted

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