JFrog Artifactory: Default Password – Test Credentials

Artifactory comes with a pre-configured default “admin” account.

In this short note you will find the default Artifactory credentials and i will show how to test Artifactory login, password and API Key by authenticating on Artifactory’s REST API using curl command from the command line in Linux.

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Default Artifactory Admin Password

Default Artifactory credentials:

admin Artifactory admin login (default)
password Artifactory admin password (default)

Test Artifactory Credentials

To test Artifactory credentials i propose to GET /api/system/configuration/reverseProxy/nginx using REST API.

According to documentation, this call requires a valid user (not anonymous) and should return a reverse proxy configuration snippet in the text format.

If authentication fails, it will return the following error:

curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 401

Test Artifactory username and password:

$ curl -sSf -u "<username>:<password>" 'http(s)://<ARTIFACTORY_URL>/artifactory/api/system/configuration/reverseProxy/nginx'

Test Artifactory username and API Key:

$ curl -sSf -u "<username>:<API_KEY>" 'http(s)://<ARTIFACTORY_URL>/artifactory/api/system/configuration/reverseProxy/nginx'

Test Artifactory API Key:

$ curl -sSf -H "X-JFrog-Art-Api:<API_KEY>" 'http(s)://<ARTIFACTORY_URL>/artifactory/api/system/configuration/reverseProxy/nginx'
Option Description
-s, --silent Don’t show progress meter or error messages
-S, --show-error When used with -s, --silent, it makes curl show an error message if it fails
-f, --fail Return an error if HTTP status code is not 200
-H, --header <header> Extra HTTP header to include in the request
-u, --user <username:password> Specify the username and password to use for server authentication

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