HowTo: Identify Hash Type

There are two main things, that can help to identify hash type:

  • The length of the hash (each hash function has a specific output length);
  • The alphabet used (are all english letters? numbers 0-9 and A-F so hex? what special characters are there if any?).

There is a cool script, named “Hash Identifier”. The name pretty much describes it.

Step 1: Download a latest version (v1.1 at the moment)

$ wget

Step 2: Execute the script and paste the hash

$ python
 HASH: hccQ.YzR6GuuY
Possible Hashs:
[+]  DES(Unix)
 HASH: LZ55ugFXQpfyw
Possible Hashs:
[+]  DES(Unix)

Step 3: Press Ctrl + C to interrupt

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  1. Hello,
    The link to the script is not available anymore. We can now find it at the following link :
    Thanks for this tip!

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