Helm: List Repos & Charts in Repo

Helm uses a packaging format called charts (a collection of Kubernetes resource files).

Helm chart repositories are remote HTTP servers where packaged charts can be stored and shared.

This short note shows how to list Helm charts and repositories using the helm command.

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List Helm Repos

To list all the configured Helm chart repositories, execute:

$ helm repo list

List Helm Charts

To list Helm charts in repositories, firstly it is always required to update a local cache:

$ helm repo update

Then, you can list Helm charts in all repositories by executing the following command:

$ helm search repo

To list only the Helm charts matching a string (case insensitive):

$ helm search repo <SEARCH_STRING>

To list all the versions of Helm charts, execute:

$ helm search repo -l
- or -
$ helm search repo -l <SEARCH_STRING>

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