Git: Delete Tag – Remote & Local

Tags in Git are used to label specific commits (to mark releases, for example).

Once created locally, Git tags can be pushed to a remote repository.

In this note i will show how to delete local Git tags using a git tag --delete command and how to remove Git tags from a remote repository.

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Git Delete Tag

Use the following commands to delete Git tags locally and remotely.

Delete Remote Git Tag

Info: As Git has a tag namespace and a branch namespace, you may use the same name for a branch and for a tag. To make sure that you won’t accidentally remove a branch instead of a tag, it is more preferable to specify the full ref while deleting a remote tag.

Delete a remote Git tag:

$ git push origin :refs/tags/<tag_name>

Alternatively, a remote Git tag can be deleted as follows:

$ git push -d origin <tag_name>

– or –

$ git push --delete origin <tag_name>

Remove Local Git Tag

Remove a Git tag from a local repository:

$ git tag -d <tag_name>

– or –

$ git tag --delete <tag_name>

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