Change Local Account Password in Windows – CMD & PowerShell

If you have forgotten a local user password in Windows but you can still log in to the computer with PIN, picture password or another administrator account, you can easily reset the forgotten password from a command-line prompt (CMD) or using a PowerShell.

In this note i will show how to change the forgotten local account password in Windows using the net user command.

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Change Local Account Password in Windows

Press ⊞ Win keybutton to open the Start menu, type in cmd to search for the command-line prompt or power to search for the PowerShell and press the Ctrl + Shift + Enter to launch it as an administrator.

Execute the net user command in the elevated command-line prompt or the Windows PowerShell to change the local account password:

C:\> net user <userName> <newPassword>

Once the local account password is changed, you will get a message as follows:

C:\> net user Administrator Pa$$w0rd
The command completed successfully.

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