ArgoCD: Get Default (Initial) Admin Password

The first time you deploy an ArgoCD application to a Kubernetes cluster, it creates an initial default administrator account, that can be used to access the ArgoCD using a user interface (UI) or over a command-line interface (CLI).

The ArgoCD stores the initial password for the default admin account in a Kubernetes Secret resource, named argocd-initial-admin-secret.

This short note shows how to get the default (initial) admin password for the ArgoCD.

Default Admin Password

The ArgoCD default username is admin.

By default, the ArgoCD is deployed to the argocd Namespace.

To print the initial ArgoCD password, execute the following command:

$ kubectl -n argocd get secret argocd-initial-admin-secret \
          -o jsonpath="{.data.password}" | base64 -d; echo
- sample output -

The command above retrieves the initial base64-encoded ArgoCD password from the argocd-initial-admin-secret Secret resource in the argocd Namespace and decodes it.

Default Namespace Default Username Default Initial Admin Secret
argocd admin argocd-initial-admin-secret
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