Ansible: Default Variables Values

In Ansible it is recommended to set default values for variables to avoid undefined-variable errors:

The task includes an option with an undefined variable.

The default variables for a role can be defined in the defaults/main.yml file that might look something like this:

nginx_version: 1.20.1
nginx_service_name: "nginx.service"

Ansible will use the default values only if those variables are not defined anywhere else.

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Set Default Values for Variables in Ansible

Another option is to set the default values for the variables using the Jinja’s default filter:

"{{ some_variable | default('default_value') }}"

This is often a better approach than failing if a variable is not defined.

Passing in a true as the second parameter will return the default value if the value is defined but blank:

"{{ some_variable | default('default_value', true) }}"

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