Git – Verbose Mode: Debug Fatal Errors

Sometimes it may be complex to debug Git errors, like “fatal: repository not found” or “fatal: authentication failed” with the default level of verbosity in Git. To debug different network, security, performance and many other issues in Git it is very helpful to know how to increase verbosity. In this note i am showing how […]

Git – Create New Branch

Instead of committing directly in local master branch, a good developer creates a new branch each time he starts working on a new bug or feature. To create a new branch there is a git branch command. Below i will show the examples of how to create a new local branch in Git from another […]

Git – Checkout Previous Branch

While working with Git, it’s very common to move back and forth between two branches. If you want to checkout the previous branch you was working on, there is no need to type the name of this branch each time. In this short note i’ll show the easy way to switch between two branches in […]