IP2Host: Get Hostname from IP – Command Line

A reverse name resolution zone file is used to translate an IP address in a particular namespace into a fully qualified domain name (FQDN).

If this file has been configured on a name server, it becomes possible to find a hostname from an IP address.

This note shows how to get a hostname from an IP address from the command line in Windows, Linux or MacOS using the nslookup command.

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Find Hostname from IP

Execute the nslookup command as follows from a terminal in Linux/MacOS or from a command prompt (CMD or PowerShell) in Windows to find the hostname by IP:

$ nslookup
- sample output -
Server:  router.net.infra

Name:    my-box-hostname.net.infra

The command above performs the reverse lookup and converts the IP address to hostname by querying the name server for the record.

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