HowTo: Create a Patch Using Diff

How to create a patch file using diff command and how to apply it to an original file or to a whole directory from the Linux command line.

Faking a File's Access, Modify and Change TimeStamps in Linux

How to anonymously change a file's Access (atime), Modification (mtime) and Change (ctime) timestamps in Linux.

HowTo : Clear or Remove Last Login History in Linux

How to clear or remove all the login information on Linux server from the command line.

HowTo : Determine and Change File Character Encoding

How to detect and change a file's character encoding from the command line in Linux. Examples of converting text between: CP1251 (Windows-1251, Cyrillic), UTF-8, ISO-8859-1 and ASCII.

Checking if a Private Key Matches an SSL Certificate & CSR

How to check whether an SSL certificate and CSR match a private key, by using the OpenSSL from the Linux command line.

20 Awesome Nmap Command Examples

Nmap command usage examples : how to find active hosts in network, scan for open ports, remotely determine OS and detect versions of services, detect and bypass firewalls, perform stealthy scans and much more.

HowTo : Pause/Resume Aircrack-ng

How to save (pause) aircrack-ng session and then continue (resume) the cracking from where it was stopped.