List Loaded/Enabled Apache Modules

List all installed/loaded/enabled Apache modules from the command line in Linux.

Sending GET/HEAD HTTP Requests via Telnet

How to send GET and HEAD requests to a web-server using telnet to check HTTP header and to get a web-page's content.

Git - Undo All Uncommitted Changes

How to undo all uncommitted changes, delete all new files and folders, reset modified files, restore deleted files and revert everything back to the last commit using git.

Git - The Change History of a Specific File

Viewing the change history of a specific file in Git, including diffs and history of renames.

HowTo: Create a Link to a File or a Directory in Linux

How to create a symbolic link to a file or a directory from the Linux command line.

HowTo: Disable SSH Host Key Checking

How to disable SSH host key verification and bypass "The authenticity of host ***** can't be established." and "REMOTE HOST IDENTIFICATION HAS CHANGED." messages.

HowTo: Disable The ZEROCONF Route -

How to disable and removed from the routing table the ZEROCONF ( route.