Upgrading CentOS/RHEL from Minimal Installation with YUM

If you have installed CentOS/RHEL Minimal server installation, you may have lots of troubles with not installed packages.

There is a way to install all packages, required by a Basic Server, using yum groupinstall command.

groupinstall - is used to install all of the individual packages in a group, of the specified types.

[groupinstall] - Install a Group of Packages

Upgrade your server from Minimal installation to Basic :

# yum groupinstall "Base"

Upgrade your system to Web Server :
# yum groupinstall "Web Server"

Upgrade your system to MySQL Database Server :
# yum groupinstall "MySQL Database Server"

and so on ...

[grouplist] - List Installed and Available Groups

List all installed and available groups :

# yum grouplist

[groupinfo] - List Packages in a Group

Show the description and package list of a group :

# yum groupinfo "Base"

[groupremove] - Remove a Group of Packages

Remove all of the packages in a group :

# yum groupremove "Base"