Sending GET/HEAD HTTP Requests via Telnet

How to send GET and HEAD requests to a web-server using telnet to check HTTP header and to get a web-page's content.

HowTo : Install and Configure Conky in Linux Mint/Ubuntu/Debian

Conky - is a highly configurable system monitor software.

In this article you'll find how to install and configure Conky in deb-based systems like Linux Mint, Ubuntu or Debian.

You'll also learn how to start, stop, restart Conky and how to setup Conky to start at boot.

Check a Website Response Time from the Linux Command Line

Test you website response time from the Linux command line with CURL.

Check a Website Availability from the Linux Command Line

You can easily test a a website availability from the Linux command line and get the status codes from the web server using commands like TELNET or CURL.

Installing the OCS Inventory Agent 1.x on CentOS/RHEL

Open Computer and Software Inventory (OCS-Inventory) - is a free software that enables users to inventory their IT assets.

OCS collects information about the hardware and software of networked machines running the OCS client program ("OCS Inventory Agent").

This guide describes how to install OCS-Inventory Client (ocsinventory-agent) Series 1.x on CentOS/RHEL.

Installing the Check_MK Agent on CentOS/RHEL -- Manual Install

Step 1 : Download and uncompress the latest version of check_mk agent.

The check_mk agent for Linux consists of only two files : a shell script called 'check_mk_agent.linux' and a configuration file for 'xinetd.conf'. They both can be found in the downloaded archive.