/etc/shadow - HowTo: Generate Password Hash in Linux

How to generate hashed password with a random salt for /etc/shadow from the command line in Linux using Python.

Salt - Download a File With Unknown Source_Hash

How to download a file using salt state from the remote HTTP/HTTPS server without knowing the file's source_hash.

Installing "John the Ripper" - The Password Cracker

"John the Ripper" - is a fast password cracker. Its primary purpose is to detect weak Unix passwords.

Most likely you do not need to install "John the Ripper" system-wide.

Instead, after you extract the distribution archive and possibly compile the source code (see below), you may simply enter the "run" directory and invoke John from there.

HowTo : Identify Hash Type

There are two main things, that can help to identify hash type :

  • The length of the hash (each hash function has a specific output length);
  • The alphabet used (are all english letters? numbers 0-9 and A-F so hex? what special characters are there if any?).

There is a cool script, named "Hash Identifier". The name pretty much describes it.