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HowTo : Execute a MySQL Command from a Linux BASH Shell?

Use one of the following commands to run a MySQL query from a Linux Command Line or a Bash Script.

Check a Website Availability from the Linux Command Line

You can easily test a a website availability from the Linux command line and get the status codes from the web server using commands like TELNET or CURL.

HowTo : Clear BASH History

Sometimes you don't want to leave Bash history, because it may contain some sensitive data like passwords.

This article may help you to control your Bash history file.

HowTo : Count Number of Files in a Directory

Here are the best ways of finding and counting the number of files or folders in a particular directory.

HowTo : Create MySQL Database from the Command Line

Creating MySQL Database from the command line is quite a common task.

We'll create database named test_db with a user named john and a password pass.

User will have all privileges on this database and will be allowed to connect only from the localhost.

HowTo : TEST Internet Speed via Linux Command Line

How to test download/upload Internet speed from the Linux command line, using infrastructure.

HowTo : Find Large Files in Linux

Find the larges files in Linux from the command line.