command line

HowTo: Merge PDF Files in Linux

How to merge several PDF files or specific PDF pages only into a one PDF file from the Linux command line.

Sending GET/HEAD HTTP Requests via Telnet

How to send GET and HEAD requests to a web-server using telnet to check HTTP header and to get a web-page's content.

HowTo: Create a Link to a File or a Directory in Linux

How to create a symbolic link to a file or a directory from the Linux command line.

HowTo : Clear or Remove Last Login History in Linux

How to clear or remove all the login information on Linux server from the command line.

Download YouTube Video From the Linux Command Line

How to download video, channel or playlist of any available quality and formats from, using youtube-dl (command-line downloader) in Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, RHEL.

Adding Cron Jobs in Linux - Crontab Usage and Examples

This article shows how to schedule a cron job in Linux, shows the format (syntax) of scheduling jobs in crontab and provides some examples of cron tasks.

Creating ASCII Text Banners from the Linux Command Line

Generate large text banners (ASCII Art) from the Linux command line using FIGlet.