Faking a File's Access, Modify and Change TimeStamps in Linux

How to anonymously change a file's Access (atime), Modification (mtime) and Change (ctime) timestamps in Linux.

HowTo : Clear or Remove Last Login History in Linux

How to clear or remove all the login information on Linux server from the command line.

Anonymous Port Scanning : Nmap + Tor + ProxyChains

How to perform an anonymous port scanning with Nmap through Tor Network, using ProxyChains. And how to get round a situation where scan fails, because Tor endpoints are blocked.

Removing EXIF Data From Images and Photos in Linux

How to read and then remove all EXIF metadata from your images and photos, using Linux command line utility, named ExifTool.

HowTo : Install Tor on Linux - Ubuntu/Debian/Mint etc.

This guide describes how to install Tor Client on Debian based systems like Linux Mint, Ubuntu etc.

Tor or The Onion Router - is an encrypted network that can route your traffic through relays, making the traffic appear to come from exit nodes.

Encrypt DNS Traffic With DNSCrypt

This tutorial describes how to install and set up DNSCrypt on Debian based systems, like Linux Mint, Ubuntu etc.

DNSCrypt Proxy - is a tool for securing communications between a client and a DNS resolver.

It encrypts DNS requests using the DNSCrypt Protocol and pass them to an upstream server, by default OpenDNS.

HowTo : Clear BASH History

Sometimes you don't want to leave Bash history, because it may contain some sensitive data like passwords.

This article may help you to control your Bash history file.