Encrypt DNS Traffic With DNSCrypt

This tutorial describes how to install and set up DNSCrypt on Debian based systems, like Linux Mint, Ubuntu etc.

DNSCrypt Proxy - is a tool for securing communications between a client and a DNS resolver.

It encrypts DNS requests using the DNSCrypt Protocol and pass them to an upstream server, by default OpenDNS.

Setting Up DNS Records -- [CNAME] Record (canonical name record)

What is a [CNAME] Record?

A [CNAME] Record or a Canonical Name Record, specifies that the domain name or subdomain is an alias of another, canonical domain name.

Setting Up DNS Records -- [A] Record (address record)

What is an [A] Record?

An [A] Record or an Address Record, assigns an IP address to a domain or subdomain name.

Setup DNS Resolution With "resolv.conf" in Examples

The /etc/resolv.conf configuration file contains information that allows a computer to convert alpha-numeric domain names into the numeric IP addresses.

The process of converting domain names to IP addresses is called resolving.

Setting Up Reverse DNS -- PTR Record

What is the reverse DNS?

Reverse DNS is an IP address to domain name mapping - the opposite of Forward DNS which maps domain names to IP addresses.

HowTo : Get a List of All Sub-Domains of a Domain Name

If you need to find out all the sub-domains of a given domain name, you can try AXFR request.

This hint works only if the NS that you are querying is configured to allow AXFR requests.

Free Fast Public DNS Servers

There are several reasons why you may want to use alternative DNS servers :

  • Speeding up your web browsing;
  • Improving your security;
  • Backup solution when your ISP servers are down.

Here is a list of Free public DNS servers.